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WPC Boards and Doors

WPC Boards

DEMAC WPC Boards are highly durable and can withstand any hard weather. WPC boards are extremely resilient to rot, degradation, and marine borer attack and do not corrode. They can be shaped with ordinary woodworking tools and have good workability. The material has the capacity to be moulded into practically any desired shape. DEMAC WPC boards comes in high density with very high screw holding capacity. Available in densities of 0.6g/cm3 and 0.7g/cm3

WPC Doors

The DEMAC WPC door is a distinctive combination of thermoplastic and wooden components. WPC doors often exhibit great levels of strength, durability, and environmental friendliness. Both internal and exterior doors can be made using these types of doors. The Wooden Plastic Composite Doors enable you to take advantage of the contemporary performance of your new entry doors without sacrificing attractiveness. Wooden Plastic Composite, or WPC, doors are unique in that they are easily recyclable due to their ecofriendliness.