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DEMAC WPC Boards: Unmatched Durability for Kerala's Climate

DEMAC WPC Boards are highly durable and can withstand any hard weather. WPC boards are extremely resilient to rot, degradation, and marine borer attack and do not corrode. They can be shaped with ordinary woodworking tools and have good workability. The material has the capacity to be moulded into practically any desired shape. DEMAC WPC boards comes in high density with very high screw holding capacity. Available in densities of 0.6g/cm3 and 0.7g/cm3

When it comes to enduring the unforgiving weather of Kerala, DEMAC stands out as the leading WPC Foam Board Manufacturer in Kerala. Our WPC (Wood Plastic Composite) boards are specially crafted to withstand the harshest conditions without compromising on quality. Designed for outdoor applications, these boards are highly resistant to rot, degradation, and attacks from marine borers, ensuring structural integrity in Kerala's humid environment. WPC boards have become the preferred choice for construction and outdoor applications. WPC board Kerala offers unmatched durability, resistance to weather, and versatility in design.

Practicality meets Creativity - Shaping and Molding Possibilities

One of the standout features of DEMAC WPC boards in Kerala is their immunity to corrosion, making them ideal for areas with high humidity, saltwater exposure, or coastal proximity. These boards resist rust and corrosion, guaranteeing a prolonged lifespan for your projects. WPC boards in Kerala ensure long-lasting and visually appealing solutions for various construction needs.

WPC boards offer more than just durability; they provide unmatched versatility in design and functionality. Builders and designers can shape and manipulate these boards with ease, allowing for innovative designs in decking, cladding, railing, and other outdoor structures. The possibilities are limitless, thanks to WPC boards' adaptability to various shapes and forms.

Enhanced Workability and Exceptional Screw Holding Capacity

DEMAC WPC boards are designed with a material composition that enhances their workability, making them a delight for construction professionals to handle. Their excellent workability enables easy cutting, drilling, and shaping according to project specifications. This characteristic not only simplifies the installation process but also saves considerable time and effort, making them a pragmatic choice for both DIY enthusiasts and seasoned professionals.

Moreover, WPC boards are renowned for their high density, which translates into an impressive screw-holding capacity. This attribute holds paramount importance in construction, ensuring a secure and enduring installation. The product is available in two densities, 0.6g/cm³ and 0.7g/cm³, these boards offer flexibility, allowing you to select the density that aligns perfectly with your specific project requirements.

WPC price in Kerala | Low Maintenance Solution

Apart from their exceptional durability, WPC boards offer a cost-effective solution for outdoor construction in Kerala. Their resistance to weather-induced damage translates to minimal maintenance, resulting in significant long-term cost savings for homeowners and builders alike.

When considering construction materials in Kerala, evaluating WPC board price in Kerala is essential for budget-conscious projects. WPC (Wood Plastic Composite) boards offer durability and versatility, making them a popular choice. Understanding the WPC price in Kerala ensures cost-effective solutions without compromising on quality, making them ideal for a wide range of applications.

Choose DEMAC's WPC Boards for Your Projects

For those in Kerala seeking reliable, durable, and versatile building materials, DEMAC WPC boards are the ultimate choice. With unparalleled resistance to weather conditions, rot and marine borer attacks, our boards are perfect for a wide range of outdoor applications. Coupled with easy workability, high screw-holding capacity, and creative design possibilities, DEMAC WPC boards redefine construction materials, offering a seamless blend of practicality and aesthetics. Experience the future of construction with DEMAC WPC boards.

WPC Doors

WPC Doors

Revolutionizing Door Solutions in Kerala: WPC Doors and Frames

The DEMAC WPC door is a distinctive combination of thermoplastic and wooden components. WPC doors often exhibit great levels of strength, durability, and environmental friendliness. Both internal and exterior doors can be made using these types of doors. The Wooden Plastic Composite Doors enable you to take advantage of the contemporary performance of your new entry doors without sacrificing attractiveness. Wooden Plastic Composite, or WPC, doors are unique in that they are easily recyclable due to their eco-friendliness.

In the realm of construction and interior design, WPC (Wood Plastic Composite) doors have emerged as a game-changer, especially in the scenic state of Kerala. WPC door manufacturing in Kerala has seen a significant surge due to the growing demand for innovative and durable door solutions. Several pioneering WPC door manufacturers in Kerala have stepped up to cater to this demand, offering high-quality WPC doors in Kerala, particularly in bustling cities like Kochi.

WPC Doors: The Epitome of Durability and Elegance

WPC doors and frames have gained immense popularity owing to their exceptional durability and elegant appearance. These doors are engineered from a blend of wood fibers and thermoplastics, resulting in a product that is not only environmentally friendly but also highly resistant to moisture, termites, and decay. This makes WPC doors in Kerala perfect for the humid coastal climate, ensuring longevity and minimal maintenance.

WPC Door Manufacturing in Kerala: Craftsmanship at Its Best

The process of WPC door manufacturing in Kerala involves cutting-edge technology and skilled craftsmanship. Manufacturers pay meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that each door meets stringent quality standards. From traditional designs to modern aesthetics, WPC doors are available in a plethora of styles, catering to diverse architectural preferences in Kerala.

WPC Doors in Kochi: Blending Tradition with Innovation

Kochi, as a vibrant cultural hub, demands door solutions that blend tradition with innovation seamlessly. WPC doors in Kochi do just that. They not only pay homage to the rich heritage of Kerala's architecture but also introduce modern features, making them perfect for contemporary homes and commercial spaces. Whether you are renovating a heritage home or constructing a modern office, WPC doors offer the ideal fusion of style and substance.

Environmentally Responsible Choice

Apart from their durability and aesthetic appeal, WPC doors are an environmentally responsible choice. By utilizing recycled wood fibers and thermoplastics, these doors contribute to sustainable practices in construction. Homeowners and businesses in Kerala can now opt for eco-friendly door solutions without compromising on quality or aesthetics.

Elevating Living Spaces with WPC Doors

In the realm of architecture and interior design, WPC doors have become synonymous with innovation and reliability. WPC door manufacturing in Kerala has paved the way for state-of-the-art door solutions that cater to the unique demands of the region. As WPC door manufacturers in Kerala continue to refine their craft, the residents of Kerala, especially in cities like Kochi, can enhance their living spaces with doors that offer a perfect blend of durability, elegance, and environmental responsibility. WPC doors have undoubtedly redefined the standards of door solutions, making them an integral part of Kerala's architectural landscape.