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DEMAC: Upgrade Your Interiors

DEMAC Multi Board, from the house of DEMAC Group, is the most trusted PVC & WPC board manufacturer in Kerala. It takes great pride for us in being recognized as the manufacturer of the best 3 layer PVC and WPC boards in India. Whether it is your kitchen, living room, bedroom, or washroom we offer tangible benefits with our unique selection of products. We offer a wide range of product categories which includes PVC Boards, WPC Boards, 3 Layer WPC Boards, 3 Layer PVC Boards, 3 Layer Colour Boards and WPC Doors. Each of our products have specific and unique technical features making them the market leaders in their respective category.

Our products have many advantages such as waterproof, termite proof, fire resistant etc. and have successfully substituted Wood, Plywood, MDF, Particleboard, etc. in various applications including interior works, wardrobes, kitchen cabinets, furniture, office, etc. Since the beginning, DEMAC have been providing our clients with true quality at reasonable prices. We are the best at delivering exactly what your interiors needs.


DEMAC Group is a leading and fast-growing business group in the construction materials sector in Kerala. Since its inception, the DEMAC Group strives for excellence in all aspects of its activities and our efforts have been recognized by various international and national agencies including ISO and ISI.

At DEMAC, we take pride on being a part of the “Make In India” campaign, aimed to reduce dependency on foreign imports. Our products are manufactured in India, with latest technology to deliver products with maximum performance and durability. Our R&D department comprising of qualified engineers and management works tirelessly on a daily basis in developing new and innovative products for our esteemed clients.



Our mission is to provide high quality, high functioning product to our customers while taking a leap towards a greener future. We strive to bridge the gap present in the market which calls for sustainability and greener alternatives which maintain superior quality.


We strive to become a leading brand globally in PVC & WPC Industry by creating happy customers world wide through quality products and transparent customer service.


Infrastructure plays a very important role in defining the reliability and prowess of an establishment. Demac MultiBoard has its factory situated at the Kinfra IIT park, Palakkad. We have Surplus sqft area and a good fleet of vehicles to deliver to our customers. The Group has its Head Office located at Mala, Thrissur.