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PVC Board

pvc board

Demac ecoboard

As its name implies, this single layer PVC Board with a density of 0.5g/cm3 is recyclable and reusable. DEMAC Ecoboard is 100% sustainable and environmental friendly. You may easily replace all of your everyday plys with Ecoboard, which is now offered in a wide range of thickness to suit all of your needs. This special variety of PVC Board, which enables you to construct your designs with 0% shrinkage and swelling, is the result of the relentless effort of our R&D team. Ecoboard is UV resistant, anti-fungal, and antibacterial, hence your home and interiors will be protected for long period. Make Ecoboard your true companion right now and go green today with DEMAC Ecoboard to fulfil your dreams guilt-free.

Demac multi board

With a 0.55g/cm3 density, DEMAC Multiboard is your best choice for daily use and home décor. DEMAC Multiboard is an all-purpose PVC Board that is ideal for fabricating, sanding, drilling, glueing, and painting. It's a superior quality all-rounder multi board that comes with revolutionary technologies which is much more effective, efficient, and affordable. DEMAC Multiboard is a one stop solution that can be used for any niche you can think of. DEMAC is 100% sustainable and environmentally friendly, waterproof and decay proof. Along with being entirely recyclable, DEMAC Multiboard is completely water-proof, nonflammable, and nontoxic.

Demac multi board premium

DEMAC Multiboard Premium is completely sustainable and carpenter-friendly with a high density of 0.6g/cm3. The ideal high-end product for your requirements. Along with being the ideal choice for varnishing, veneering, and fabrication, our materials are termite proof, chemical, and corrosion resistant. For consistently excellent results, use DEMAC Multiboard Premium. We are pleased to offer products that are UV resistant, damp proof, and decay proof. Pick DEMAC today for installations that will last.

Demac multi board premium plus

DEMAC offers superior quality Premium Plus Multi boards for the highest performance requirements. The Premium Plus Multi boards have very high screw holding capacity which is a key factor for its longer durability and performance. Our materials are corrosion resistant, termite proof, chemically stable, in addition to being the best option for fabrication, veneering, and varnishing. We are happy to provide Premium Plus Multi boards that are resistant to UV, dampness, and rot. For installations that will last, choose DEMAC today and have top-notch outcomes consistently.