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The Fire Resistance and Safety Features of WPC Boards

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What is a WPC Board?

Wood Polymer Composite Boards or WPC boards are building materials made from a combination of wood fibers and thermoplastics. Benefits of WPC Boards include high durability, eco-friendliness, cost-effectiveness, and so on. Here, in this blog, we describe the fire resistance and safety features of WPC Boards.

  • One of the major advantages of WPC Boards is that it is fire resistant and that it is a safe option. WPC Boards are made by combining wood fibers with plastic polymers.
  • This combination of plastic polymer with wood fibers can increase the fire resistance of the boards. Depending on the material's quality, fire resistance's power can vary.
  • The slip resistance is another safety feature of WPC Boards. WPC Boards have a textured surface that provides slip resistance. This is an important feature when it comes to outdoor applications where the surface can have exposure to moisture. This quality can help in preventing unfortunate accidents.
  • WPC Boards are known to be splinter free than traditional wood. Splintering is one of the major hazards, especially in outdoor applications. WPC Boards offers a safe, splinter-free surface that is comfortable to walk on even when barefooted.
  • WPC Boards are best known for their moisture resistance properties. The plastic content in the WPC Boards builds a barrier against moisture making it less prone to rotting and molding thus reducing the chances of further damage. The makers may also add additives such as coupling agents, UV stabilizers, or moisture repellents to improve the moisture resistance of WPC Boards.
  • One of the key advantages of the WPC Board is its low maintenance requirements. WPC Boards do not require regular staining, or painting and are easy to clean as well. They can be cleaned simply by using water and gentle wiping. They are less likely to absorb any stains as compared to wood and any sort of dirt can be easily wiped off. The WPC Boards are not subject to fungal growth or insect infestation reducing the need for maintenance or repair. DEMAC is the leading WPC Boards in Kerala.

Are DEMAC WPC Boards Fire-Resistant?

DEMAC WPC Boards are manufactured in a way that it can withstand fire and other naturally caused damages without losing its functionality and purpose. The boards are highly resilient to rot, decay, mold, and any kind of marine borer. The components included in the making of DEMAC WPC Boards in Kerala helps create a product that is free from all kinds of hazards making it the reliable choice for homeowners and builders.