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Comparing WPC Boards and Traditional Wood

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WPC Boards and traditional woods are all building materials. These materials are used both externally and internally. Wood Plastic Composite Board or WPC Board is a type of building product made from a combination of eco-friendly materials. Demac Multiboard is a leading WPC Board manufacturer in Kerala

Advantages of WPC Boards:

  • WPC Boards are highly strong and durable. They are resistant to hail, heat, and other climatic disturbances. There is less chance of frequent replacement.
  • They are made from recycled materials making them sustainable alternatives.
  • These boards are suitable for outdoor applications as it is moisture resistant as well as heat-resistant.

Traditional wood is in two main varieties. Hardwoods are normally used in the construction of walls, roofs, and foundations, while Softwoods are frequently utilized to create doors, furniture, and window framings.

Advantages of Traditional Woods:

  • Easy availability is the main feature of traditional wood.
  • It is a biodegradable material that can decompose naturally.
  • The natural beauty traditional woods provide cannot be replaced by other artificially made materials.

How are WPC Boards a better choice than Traditional Woods?

Durability: WPC Boards are the best choice when considering the long run as they are resistant to heat, moisture, rot, and insects. Traditional wood is susceptible to rot, decay, and insect damage over time. Since WPC boards are made from a combination of wood and thermoplastics, there is a higher degree of strength and durability. It makes WPC boards a better choice than traditional wood.

Cost-Effective: WPC boards can be slightly expensive in the initial stage as compared to traditional wood, considering the lifespan, WPC Boards last longer than traditional wood that requires replacement over time. In the long term run, WPC boards require minimum maintenance as compared to traditional wood as the latter requires staining and painting frequently.

Eco-Friendliness: WPC Boards are made with eco-friendly materials. Traditional wood is an organic and natural resource. The materials used in the production of WPC boards are good for nature and do not cause much damage. When it comes to biodegradability, WPC boards are comparatively a better choice than traditional wood which is a natural source and is not completely a sustainable choice since its harvesting can lead to deforestation and other natural damages.

Moisture Resistance: WPC Boards are less likely to make moisture intake than traditional woods that is, the former is less likely to swell or rot. WPC Boards can withstand exposure to rain or any type of moisture hence there will be less to no chance of developing mold. Thus, WPC boards prove to be a more durable and sustainable choice than traditional wood.

How is DEMAC Multiboard a better choice when it comes to WPC Boards?

DEMAC Multiboard is the most trusted PVC & WPC board manufacturer in Kerala. They have a wide range of unique products that makes them a homeowner's favorite choice.

DEMAC’s WPC Boards are best known for their durability, moisture resistance, and termite resistance. The material is easy to work with as it can easily mold into any desired shape. DEMAC never disappoints in providing the best quality products to the customers. They promise a nature-friendly manufacturing process by opting for pollution-free construction.