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Applications of WPC Foam Boards

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Applications of WPC Foam Boards

Nowadays, there are several types of foam boards available in the market. But the most commonly used one is WPC Foam Boards. One might wonder what exactly is WPC Foam Board, and why it comes with more advantages than the other types available. Wood Plastic Composite boards display the best elements of both Wood and Polymer (the polymer being PVC). Here, we explain the Applications of WPC Foam Boards.

The hardened surface means it's easy to clean, but less likely to scratch. WPC foam has a high indentation resistance and is more resistant to impact than conventional composite boards. In this article, we will be listing down the advantages and uses of WPC Foam Boards.

What is the WPC Foam Board?

WPC Foam Boards are made from a combination of wood fibers and plastic. The resin used to bind these two materials together is usually PVC (polyvinyl chloride). This type of board is commonly known as WPC boards or composite boards. These boards are very strong and durable. This makes them ideal for high-impact applications such as signage, outdoor furniture, decking, etc.

Applications of WPC Boards

WPC board has a broad range of applications for outdoor deck flooring, fencing, door and window frames, and outdoor landscaping.

WPC Boards are a type of wood-plastic composite material gaining in popularity due to their many applications and advantages. From furniture to construction, this versatile material has a myriad of uses both indoors and outdoors, allowing you to capitalize on its benefits for your home or business.

Manufacturing Cabinets and Furniture Pieces

WPC Boards are an excellent option for making both furniture pieces and cabinets. Due to the strength of this material, it can effectively hold large loads and stand up to regular wear and tear in a home or work environment. Its wood-plastic composition makes it more durable than purely wooden furnishings, ensuring that your pieces last longer with less maintenance required.

Siding and Wall Cladding

WPC boards can also be used to replace traditional siding and cladding materials. The boards have a natural wood texture and appearance but are far more resistant to moisture, mold, and other damage that can affect more porous materials such as wood. The material’s weatherproofing qualities make it an ideal choice for exterior walls as well as interior design purposes.

Construction of Decks and Patios

WPC boards are also ideal for outdoor use, making them an excellent choice for building decks and patios. Due to the material’s high waterproofing qualities, it won’t warp or rot as quickly when exposed to long durations of wet weather. This makes it an ideal choice for outdoor living spaces that may be exposed to the elements, such as a deck built around a swimming pool or hot tub.

Shuttering Boards for Building Offices

WPC boards are not only useful for outdoor structures but they can also be used indoors. When constructing office buildings, walls made with lightweight shuttering boards provide excellent insulation. In addition to being waterproof and easy to install, these boards also help create a more lifelike exterior for the finished building and are relatively cost-effective when compared to traditional building materials.

Furnishing Interiors with WPC Sheets

WPC Sheets are an ideal choice for creating furniture and fixtures. They have the advantages of being lightweight, easy to install, durable, and waterproof. This makes them an excellent material for creating high-end furniture for showrooms, homes, offices, and other spaces. In addition, due to their stability and strength, WPC sheets can also be used for manufacturing doors, stairs, and railings with intricate designs that will last a long time.

The WPC board is a good material which is used in recent years, it has become manufacturing multi colored foamed panels with different density to which can be used as exterior wall cladding. WPC Foam boards are a smart choice as they provide a number of benefits that you won't find with any other type of board. When used in the right capacity, these boards can provide plenty of utility and last for years on end. Get in touch with the experts at Demac today if you're interested in learning more. Demac Multiboard is the leading WPC Foam board manufacturer in Kerala.