Eco Friendly Product

There is a dire need in this market for pro-earth alternative for plywood due to the devastating impact that illegal logging of tress for use as plywood has on our ecosystem. DEMAC Multi Board makes it our mission to bridge this gap and replace this supply and fulfill the demand using pro-earth alternative products like Multi Board.

More than being a brand, DEMAC Multi Board aims to be an initiative, a promise towards the Green Revolution happening across the world right now. Logging of trees make up a whopping 14% of overall deforestation in this planet. We have made it a part of our mission to bring down this number to a significant impact.

We welcome you to join our initiative to “GO GREEN WITH MULTI BOARD” and make this world a good place today and a better place for tomorrow.

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High Screw Holding Capacity

DEMAC Multi Boards are manufactured with increased screw holding capacity, thanks to our in house R & D team, who strives continuously to bring you the best products. Increased screw holding capacity is a key factor for DEMAC Multi Boards longer durabilityand higher performance.

Lead Free & Non-Toxic

DEMAC Multi Board is non- poisonous and 100% environment friendly. It has no adverse effect on human life and environment

Carpenter Friendly

DEMAC Multi Boards are easy to work with given its light weight. No extra skill is required in the working of DEMAC Multi Board - It adjusts to all carpentry tools and can be - Cut, screwed, drilled, sawed, processed and polished etc. With less abrasion and or friction with the structure - the tool life increases. It is incredibly friendly with hand polish, PU, gloss / Matt, lamination, veneering. Additionally, it functions easily with all standard carpentry machines like board saw, CNC router, and multi boring.

The key feature of our products is, it has Increased Screw Holding capacity.

Why Choose Demac Multiboard

DEMAC Multi Board is a PVC foam board brand, manufacturing high quality PVC foam boards in India. PVC foam boards have successfully substituted Wood, Ply wood, MDF, Particle board etc. in various applications including interior works, wardrobes, kitchen cabinets, furniture, office etc., as it has several advantages – water proof, termite proof, fire resistant etc. DEMAC Multi Board’s smooth glossy surfaces on both the sides along with its increased screw holding capacity makes it the perfect choice for carpenters/ fabricators.

  • Our products can be easily polished by hands.
  • You can apply a film of PU Gloss to make it more strong and durable.
  • PU Matt provides with a tough coating that is resistant to scratches and stains.
  • You can laminate DEMAC Multi Board for a textured feel and strength.
  • You can showcase your artworks and drawings on our Mutli Board. It will last a long time and you can remove it without worrying about it leaving stains on the board.
  • Similarly you can do roller printers to apply textures and designs on our board without worrying about it leaving behind stain marks.
  • You can also stick digital printings on the board to make it more beautiful or just to showcase your works.
  • You can use PVC foils to make it more resistant to moisture and absorption.